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New Fleshlight Original Coupon

I’m sorry about the misleading title, but it is there to emphasize the importance of the post. Fleshlight coupon goes original, that is the message, but let’s rephrase it to: we have an incredible offer here, for all of those who are in love with Fleshlight toys.

You get the drill? No, that’s not at a problem. We go step by step. Fleshlight has been around for ages, and it’s all started from the original Fleshlight, let’s say, a good few years back. Most of us experienced the novelty of it, with the fore mentioned Original Fleshlight.

Did you know, it has a second name too.. Pink Lady, original?! Well yeah, but that’s not the point of the post. So, it was ages ago, and since then Fleshlight released a shit load of different modifications, orifices, inserts, sleeves, coupons, colors, fleshlight girls, stands add-ons, the list goes on.

But the thing is, most of us have forgotten, what the Original Fleshlight was delivering. Oh boy, I remember my first sex with Fleshlight just as good, if not better, than sex with a real girl. Good times, you know. Let’s go back to the subject now. Fleshlight resurrects our memories with their latest offer.

Free shower mount it is, and the catch is, you gotta buy one of the original Fleshlights! to get the deal. 500 lucky men will be rewarder with one of the most desired Fleshlight Add-Ons- Shower Mount. Only 5oo, that’s right, if this deal is catching up with you, I’d highly recommend to put your acts together and jump onto this incredible offer now.


Fleshlight Coupon Deals

10 Reasons Fleshlight Is Better Than A Girlfriend (And cheaper too)

Fleshlight is cheaper than your girlfriend, better too


Everyone knows that women are a total pain in all the wrong places. They are constantly nagging or gossiping about something, they are emotional creatures and they love being the center of attention. They are also very costly. Women want to be wined and dined and waited on hand and foot and men tolerate this and participate in this foolery because they want to get laid. You know who –or what- provides maximum pleasure without all the extra hassle? The Fleshlight ofcourse and with that in mind, we’ll explain why investing in a fleshlight beats having a real girlfriend any day of the week.

  • A fleshlight will never give you a headache. “We need to talk” are words no man in a relationship ever wants to hear. In fact most men would rather get their teeth pulled out without any Novocain than hear their girlfriends utter those four words and yet at some point in the relationship they do get uttered and that is usually when a guy is being criticized for something. Fleshlights don’t talk which makes them the best choice over having a girlfriend.
  • Owning a fleshlight guarantees you a lifetime of pleasure. Loosely translated that mean no more faked headaches and no more “monthly breaks” because your girlfriend is on her period. Because Fleshlights don’t bleed, they are always ready to go when you are and unlike real life girlfriends, these battery operated girlfriends don’t care how often you want sex or how long you last. You run the show and decide whenever and however you want to get pleasure.
  • Fleshlights are far less expensive than having a girlfriend. You have to take your girlfriend to dinner and spend tons of money on days like Valentine’s Day just to make her feel special and so you can get some action that night. You especially have to pull out all the stops and drop a pretty penny on expensive gifts on days when you want anal or a blowjob. All this is stuff you never have to do with or for a fleshlight. In fact with all the various fleshlight promotions and discounts, you’ll end up saving money instead!
  • A fleshlight will help you live out your fantasy – if your fantasy is to bang a pornstar. Fleshlights are custom molded from actual pornstars’ orifices so you can drift away into masturbation land and pretend you’re banging Tera Patrick, or unloading your erect pistol into Misty Stone’s mouth or even stretching Asa Akira’s famous butt hole to the max. Since most girlfriends are too prude to swallow or too conservative to even try anal, this makes the fleshlight the perfect companion.
  • Fleshlights prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Pulling out doesn’t always work and it won’t stop you from getting a sexually transmitted disease so this round goes hands down to the Fleshlight. Those two life changing situations will never be a concern of yours as long as you stick to pleasuring yourself with a Fleshlight.


When it comes down to it, having a fleshlight trumps having a real life girlfriend – for all the reasons mentioned above but especially because with a fleshlight, your days of having to beg and bribe for sex are nothing but a memory and that peace of mind is priceless.

Fleshlight Coupon Deals

Fleshlight Coupon Guide

There’s nothing really hard about getting a fleshlight coupon code to work. There are a few simple steps to avoid any sort of disappointment, such as having to re-enter your details again and again due to entering the wrong details into the wrong section and so on.

fleshlight coupon guide








* Look closely at the screenshot of the Fleshlight payment’s page, and make sure you have all the information needed at your disposal, including your credit card details and shipping address.

* Make sure you have a right coupon code or a gift certificate that works Today. Correct, what has worked for some one Yesterday, may not work you Today. Make sure to read the latest coupons section of this website to acquire the active promo codes. Or, if you managed to get a hold of a gift certificate, make sure to apply it at this step when checking out. Be careful when entering the code. Most certainly it will be case sensitive and missing a single character or misprinting it will not activate the desired discount.

* Some coupons may or may not work in combination with certain special offers from Fleshlight. In most cases, if Fleshlight runs a great special offer, you will not be able to apply any coupon to it. Though, if you are adventurous enough, we recommend to try applying coupons in any case, you might get pleasantly surprised. At the end of the day, you have nothing to loose by doing that.

* If you are planning to purchase more Fleshlights in future, we can recommend saving the filled form with the help of secure password and form managers, such as Roboform or similar, so putting up a new order will be a matter of finding the latest fleshlight deals and pressing one or two buttons.

Fleshlight Girls Coupons

Jessica Drake Coupon, The New Fleshlight Girl On Sale Now

If you are not following every fleshlight news, you have probably missed the new Fleshlight Girl Jessica Drake promo sale.

Have never heard of Jessica Drake?! Com on, the hottie can simply not be erased from the memory once you have seen her.

Read what IMDB has to say about her: Jessica Drake on IMDBjessica drake

Follow Jessica on Twitter

And finally, Check her official website

Now when you have learned who this amazing girl is, ask yourself, would you love to bang her?! Would you love to show her how a man can fuck?!!!

Not feeling hard in your pants yet? Sure you do. And the chance is you gonna meet her in person some day somewhere and have a sex of your life is there (almost zero of course, but never say never), but would you want to wait for it, perhaps for years? Most certainly you are ready right now.

So, the best you can do is to get a hold of her vagina (saving the need to pay thousands of dollars to spent a few hours with this girl in a nice restaurant and paying for a 5 star hotel, where you would have ripped her clothes of of course). Fleshlight is here to help you my friend. How about shagging Jessica Drake for $79.95?! No, how about shagging her for $67.96 ONLY?! Right the latter is the discount price on Jessica’s Fleshlight sale which is running on Fleshlight Girls website at the moment. You may ask if you need to look for the specific fleshlight coupon?! The answer is no, the special promo is straightforward, the price has already been reduced and all you need to do is to enter you mail address and to pay the ridiculously low price!! And remember, this is a new fleshlight girl, which has just been launched short time back. The bargain is here, it’s up to you if you are ready to spend $67.96 for a shag of your life or not!!!

Fleshlight Coupon Deals

Yet another great Fleshlight promotion, the sleeves on steroids!!!

What’s your favorite Fleshlight sleeve? If you have no answer, we have a great news for you, fleshlight is giving away a free sleeve!

Of course, there is a catch. You need to buy two sleeves in order to get the third one for free. Yes exactly the promo is called buy two get one free and is pretty much self explanatory. promotion

Any trick to beat the promotion and just to get the Free sleeve? Well, listen, if you have not yet found the sleeve of your choice, these fleshlight special is an unique opportunity for you to have a go at 3 different fleshlight structures at an incredibly low price. That’s a gift. Surely enough I’d love to be able to apply some sort of a cheat and just to get the freebie, but then I realized, that I’m given an chance to ride 3 vaginas at once, and it will only cost me a few peanuts, why not to give it a go then?!! That’s right, and then I could not resist it any longer and got the Super Ribbed Sleeve free! Which I wanted to buy since a while ago, but could not justify yet another buy from Fleshlight.

Beware, to avoid the unnecessary  disappointment, you will not be able to apply another incredible promo from Fleshlight called called 15% everything when applying for Free Sleeve Promotion, which doesn’t make the latter any less worthy, and  in my opinion, the special one of the best out there!